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1) When did D B Corp Ltd. have its initial public offer (IPO) and what was the initial listing price? Was there any follow-on offering?

D B Corp Ltd. made an initial public offer in December 2009 and its shares were listed on BSE and NSE on Jan 6, 2010. Trading opened at Rs. 250 per share, compared to the IPO price of Rs. 212 for QIB and HNI and Rs. 210 for Retail per share.

2)What is the history of bonus issues (equivalent to stock split in the form of stock dividend) and stock split at D B Corp Ltd. ?

Fiscal Bonus share issue
2007 78:1

3) Does D B Corp Ltd. have a dividend reinvestment program or dividend stock purchase plan?

At present D B Corp Ltd. does not offer any dividend reinvestment program or dividend stock program.

4) Does D B Corp Ltd. pay dividends? What is the dividend policy of D B Corp Ltd.?

Currently, D B Corp Ltd. pays dividends to its shareholders. The current dividend policy is to distribute not more than 5% of the Paid up Capital (unconsolidated Indian GAAP) as dividend. The Board of Directors reviews the dividend policy periodically.

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