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A to Z of Life is Aha! Zindagi

Aha! Zindagi, the First New Age National Monthly of Its Own Kind with unique presentation and content full of life reached to Hindi readers in 2004. It was to bring Success, Happiness, Confidence, Will Power, Strength, Relations, Emotions, Health, Wealth, Values and Faith in Life!

Aha! Zindagi is a magazine that talks of 100% Positivity in Life. It is woven around the concept of body-mind-soul and the Art of Positive Living. COVER-Celebrity shares secrets of his success, strengths, hopes, faith and will. The opening issue had none other but the tallest of talls, Amitabh Bachchan in this section. Including Baby Haldar and Baba Amte to Sachin and Dhoni shared their secrets of life wit AZ-readers. Aha! Zindagi successfully completed one year of its Hindi Publication in September 05. After creating the Hindi success story its Gujarati Edition launched successfully in 2005.

Each month a special content package on motivation, happy living, stress-free and meaningful positive life with positive dreams and positive actions Aha!Zindagi is now a brand known for its path breaking work in Hindi magazine publishing industry . Founder editor-in-chief Yashwant vyas is a known name in Hindi literature and journalism since last 25 years.

Bal Bhaskar

Attractive, informative and complete fun! This is Dainik Bhaskar's special product for the little ones. Targeted for children between the age group 6–14, the magazine is a hit amongst the kids. The long and short stories, science based articles, drawing and colouring contests and indigenously developed and illustrated comics make the magazine a desirable product not just amongst the kids but also amongst their parents as well. Reader's participation is definitely the biggest highlight of Bal Bhaskar which is visible by the volume of response the magazine receives per issue. Children's plays in Hindi, Urdu and Bengali which is a rare sight in kids magazine these days, is an important feature of BB (Bal Bhaskar).

The fortnightly 40 page issue of Bal Bhaskar contains an absolutely free eight page supplement called Fun Bhaskar which is a complete activity based booklet.

Young Bhaskar

Information, activity, learning, fun, humour, reasoning, inspiration, stories and much more is packed into a single capsule called Young Bhaskar. This product of Dainik Bhaskar group caters to the young adults aged 8–16. The presentation, layout, attractive illustrations, selection of articles and the variety makes it stand apart from other rival magazines.

What's more? The magazine features a number of pages which invite views and entries by the readers developing a strong connect with them.

The fortnightly 40 page issue of YB contains an absolutely free eight page supplement called Twist which is a complete activity based booklet. Launched in 2007, the product has already made its place among the young readers in more than 40 cities.

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