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New Year Paper

We at Dainik Bhaskar, do understand that our readers are intelligent and are always striving for better knowledge and fresh concepts. That is why besides routine round-up of the year gone by, this time we decided to enlighten our readers on what lay in store for them in next 10 years, since 2010 marks the beginning of a new decade.

We strongly believe that the Decade belongs to us – to India and Indians, and that the young generation will lead the charge and women will be on the forefront. We selected the man most suitable to convey our theme – Amir Khan. In a special editorial, Amir Khan endorsed almost everything Dainik Bhaskar believes in. We also elaborated our concept but not by sheer projections by numbers – instead we opted to show-case our future through three steps :

  1. By sending a battery of correspondents (in all 35) right in the field to gather Ground Reports. This step meant that we pick up case studies of individuals and organizations who are engaged in good work.For the larger social cause. Selflessly. To judge India's spirit. For Inspiration.
  2. By assigning top national-international level subject Experts (in all 20, many of whom for input purposes) to analyze sector wise future in the Next Decade. For specific knowledge. For gauging factual Hopes. For perspective.
  3. By putting certain growth areas to short but utility-driven research. For setting the record straight. For demonstrating meaningful numbers.

Though we took the entire Decade in accont, the focus was New Year because 2010 is by all practical purposes the Base Year for the decade. We figured that at this pace, our country is growing in almost all disciplines; we would emerge among the top 5 nations in the world by the year 2020. The whole series was aimed at inspiring our readers. Instilling a sense of pride in them. And generating altruism and enterprise.

Vision statement