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Tilak Holi

Water scarcity is increasing in alarming proportion in India. A recent study reveals that 30% of rural population lack access to drinking water. Out of 35 states (29 states, 6 Union Territories), only seven have drinking water availability for rural people.

A large section of the population is having an acute shortage of portable drinking water as water reserves of cities, towns and villages of the country stand dry. In summer the situation gets worsened.

Holi, the festival of colors and festive spirits is celebrated throughout India with joy and fervor. On this day people apply colors and splurge water on friends and loved ones. It is celebrated during spring, traditional colors express the mood.

The celebration lasts for almost a week and a lot of water is wasted and polluted with colors.

At Bhaskar Group we decided to undertake a campaign against this criminal wastage of water and colour .We urge people to celebrate Tilak Holi i.e. celebrating the festival with marking a color dot on forehead. The humongous wastage is substituted with a symbolic Tilak on the forehead.

Tilak Holi campaign used the following methods to spread the message:

  • Advertising campaign (Print, Outdoor and Radio).
  • Creating awareness through editorial content.
  • Community involvement.
  • Campaign coverage 10 states and 46+ editions.

Advertising campaign:-

The advertising campaign was run across the Bhaskar markets. It campaign covered 48 editions across states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi (NCR) and Himachal Pradesh. This advertising camapign showed the simplicity and beauty of celebrating Tilak Holi.

Ground Activity

The campaign was supported by Hoardings across Bhaskar Markets. The Hoardings were placed at important streets and landmarks.

About 3 Million Pamphlets on saving Water during Holi were distributed at Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Cultural events and Temples throughout the country.

Posters were used to spread the message of the concept of Tilak Holi. Through students the message of playing Tilak Holi was passed through them to their respective homes.

Police Officers stationed at popular junctions were given 'Gulal' powder and were requested to spread the message by applying 'Tilak' to people they meet. All these activities were given publicity on MY FM and in our newspapers.

Radio Activity:-

The campaign was supported by 17 My-FM 94.3 radio stations of Bhaskar Group During the campaign the Popular Radio Jockeys (RJ) urged people during their shows to celebrate Tilak Holi. A program 'Outdoor Tilak' was planned where in RJs went door to door in their city to spread awareness. Interactive call—ins and SMS were planned to insure listener involvement.

On Holi Day, MY FM's prime time Jocks worn white Kurta Pajama and roam in the whole city along with banners, Thali with Gulal spreading the message of 'Tilak Holi'. The cleanest person competition was run on the MYFM radio channel where the listeners were awarded prize if they reached the radio office completely dry on Holiday day.

Edititorial Support:-

An editorial promotion campaign was started with five to six stories on Water conservation and Tilak Holi. This promotion was uniformly carried in all Dainik Bhaskar and Divya Bhaskar editions across Bhaskar Market.

Newspaper covered articles 'Water is the future, and we need to save it' with facts and figures about Water depletion.

Articles were published, where various local personalities took the pledge of celebrating Tilak Holi

Prominent personalities of the country also endorsed our campaign. This included leading Politicians, Film stars, Sportspersons of the country. They were Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Mr.LK Adhvani, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mr. Abhinav Bindra and so on.

The campaign gained popularity and got support from a large number of communities and social groups.

Traditionally, Women actively participated in Holi celebrations throughout the country. Women happen to be the most affected during a water crisis, as they take care of household chores. Woman groups associated with various communities joined to say — Ab Se Sirf Tilak Holi.

The important feature of the campaign had been the active participation of common man. People from different strata of society voluntarily came forward and lent their support to this initiative.

A tradition like Holi which have survived the generations were given a new direction to vitalize and sustain our future generations.

Water is scares and the life blood for the whole of human race and the sustainer of life on the Blue Planet which we lovingly call our only home or Earth.

Vision statement