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Water Conservation

Water Conservation and its many aspects have been explored and talked about since many years. It has been realized that there is an inertia and indolence that persists amongst the masses towards any environmental cause. Apparently this indolence does not let their thoughts translate into action over minor or passive exposures or consciousness triggers.

The Psyche behind the Inertia:

I don't save water because:-
Because I never found myself without it.
Because that is not my problem.
Because I am complacent. I will see if I run out of it.
Because it's not mine but the Govt.'s job.
Because it doesn't cost me much.
Because I thought others will do.
To create an aperture towards this cause, Dainik Bhaskar took the responsibility in creating awareness that instigates action. Hence, The Jal Satyagraha initiative was born.
In the same context two massive campaigns, Jal Satyagraha Pratikriya and Jal Satyagraha Jal sena were run in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Jal Satyagraha Pratikriya initiated a thought process in the readers towards saving water by calling for their ideas on saving water on a toll free number, email address and postal set up.
Jal Satyagraha Jal Sena was an innovative story campaign where a group of children undertook the pledge of being water saviours. Both the campaigns were taken with great enthusiasm from the readers.


From City of Lakes to City of Dried Lakes?
This was the grave question that the city of Bhopal was facing.
Why? — The upper lake of the city was drying due to inadequate rainfall and excessive usage. People dreaded the summers of 2004 to return when the lake dried to the extent that young boys started using it as a cricket ground.
Sensing the grave water situation, the Shivraj Singh Government decided to initiate water supply on alternate days in the city. This was the same Govt. which won the last elections on the water issue!!!! It was now facing the wrath of water depletion.
Dainik Bhaskar sensed a great opportunity here to make the people of the city realize the importance of water.
This opportunity leads to the genesis of the "Jal Hai toh Kal Hai" campaign.

Vision statement